The essential items for every luxury custom home – Part 2

Part 2: The essential items for every luxury custom home.

For those with a love for the finer things in life, building a custom home will be one of the only opportunities you’ll have to create a sophisticated living space with everything on your wishlist to provide the perfect balance between comfort and style.

In Part 2, we step INSIDE the home to discuss two more must-have features every luxury custom home should have:

  1. Media Room

Not so long ago, we would have said a Theatre Room, however, while we are a nation of movie buffs, a single-faceted living space such as a home theatre isn’t exactly practical – unless it’s just one of seven living spaces in your new home, then, by all means, a theatre room is essential!

There is definitely a place for a home theatre, but if it’s one of only two or three living zones in your new home, you might consider adding a few extra elements to the space so it doesn’t only serve one purpose. Let’s face it, after family movie night, a cinema room will sit collecting dust until the next family movie night. 

What won’t sit empty is a multi-media or entertainment room. You have the big-screen projector and single row of recliner chairs, but you also have the board games, billiards table, air hockey, built-in bar, and it can also function as a music room (and already sound-proofed), home gym and a library simultaneously.

  1. Master Suite

Those signing on the dotted line for a luxury custom-built home are usually the ones sleeping in the master suite, so it only makes sense that all that hard work and hard-earned money is rewarded with a suite worthy of a king and queen. How far you run with that rule of thumb is really up to you, but run far, we say!

For a start, you’ll want some privacy away from the rest of the bedrooms, high foot traffic and noise zones. Ensure your space has SPACE. A private outdoor escape that you can use without all your neighbours seeing you in your dressing gown – perhaps your master is at the rear and has access to the pool. 

A lounge, a bar, and a gas log fire to add a touch of romance; a fully fitted dressing room, and of course, a lavish his & hers ensuite; double showers, double vanity, a big soaker bathtub at the least!

If you have a family, remember, this is your only private space in the entire house, so take your time and make considered choices to decide what you want this space to be for you.